Spirit Month!!!

Spirit Month FB.jpg

Every year at Cornerstone, school spirit starts with a BANG!  September is Spirit Month and that means Spirit Links.  Spirit Links is an annual fundraiser for CCS of coins and dollars.  Each class is assigned a color and for every 25 cents collected, the class earns a link.  Children bring in extra change they’ve gathered each day and deposit their coins into their classroom’s money jar.  Checks or money from parents is DEFINITELY allowed!!

As each day passes, the link chains for each classroom get longer and longer.  As the weeks pass, they actually stretch down the school’s hallway.  

The class with the longest chain at the end of Spirit Month wins an ice cream party.  The students love watching the link chains grow and grow.  The friendly competition between the classes creates so much excitement for the kids and the teachers!

The school as a whole also has a goal.  This year the goal is $700.  In the Multipurpose Room where chapel is held, there is a big thermometer showing the progress from week to week.   The prize for the school goal is our principal, Ms. Grant, will get a pie in the face!!   This has strangely enough incentivized the students very well.... Ah, what we do for the children!

Along with links, comes the  “Crazy Days” of Spirit Month.  Every Friday in Spirit Month is a different Crazy Day.  There's Crazy Hair Day, Mix and Match Day, Crazy Sock Day and Crazy Hat Day.   The more creative, the better!!  Anything goes!!! 

We love our kids and their Cornerstone SPIRIT!!!