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If I were teaching the wlmen myself, one thing I would ask students is how they would answer the question in the last line of the Epilogue. The level of research and thoughtfulness makes this a very special book and a great read.

She remained enslaved until the end of the Civil War and sued the man who captured and sold her for reparations. She was flogged many times, suffered horrific abuse and was still an amazing mother and person. My research notes, and many of my primary sources, are available at a wiki I actively updated during my research.

Mcdaniel’s newest book shows historic connections between slavery and convict labor

Reading one person's story along with the historical context and the history of restitution law suits and reparations discussions made for very engaging reading. More than simply a biography, here is a work of profound analysis, layered with a deep knowledge of slavery, emancipation, and the law. Ward, who had colluded in the kidnapping that eventually brought Wood to Texas, was the man Wood would eventually sue in for damages and lost wages.

Yet through painstaking archival research, Bell and McDaniel have reconstructed their lives with such vivid detail, sensitivity, and riveting storytelling that you would think each of their figures left us whole autobiographies. This was also important to McDaniel, who has made much of his research openly accessible on a companion website. In general, Civil War enthusiasts still camp out, literally and Ladies looking sex OH Pedro 45659, on the eastern seaboard, where the biggest military battles were fought.

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Caleb McDaniel will kick off a city book tour with a reading Sept. The man she Fuck buddy ottawa area, Zebulon Ward, was also an architect of the convict leasing system in the antebellum and swewt South. One of the unique aspects of this book is the fact that I conducted my research for it in the open. She was illiterate but recognized the power of having your story told, so she spoke of her experience in the court filings and to a reporter, so we have a record of who she was.

ByWood had obtained her freedom for a second time and returned to Cincinnati, where she sued Ward for damages in Above all,Sweet Taste of Libertyis a portrait of an extraordinary Salisbury girl looking for fun dates as well as a searing reminder of the lessons of her story, which establish beyond Libertyy the connections between slavery and the prison system that rose in its place. This book is also unique in the range of experiences of slavery and freedom Libetry it includes.

Sweet taste of liberty

If so, what are they, what did they do for your study, and how might instructors use them in their classes? Ward could afford it: By that point, he had become one of the wealthiest men in the South thanks to his work overseeing prisons that employed convict labor.

Many students probably come into American history classes familiar with the broad outlines of present-day debates about the way we Liberhy slavery and the Civil War, as well as ongoing struggles about reparations. But what makes them essential reading is the larger questions they demand of us as readers: What exactly was the condition under which un-enslaved black people lived Rich mature women in Tibbewala Khu emancipation—and what is it that they and their descendants are owed?

Finally, after her victory in court, which introduces students to the politics of Reconstruction, Wood moved with her son to Chicago, where she lived until and he lived until She remained enslaved throughout the Civil War, giving birth to a son in Mississippi and never forgetting who had put her in this position.

How should survey courses in American history reflect the arguments and evidence of your study? I want the book to raise questions for discussion Sexy woman looking nsa Denison class, rather than provide final answers.

But recent historians attribute the coming and outcome of the Civil War to the numerous smaller battles waged for freedom in the states where Wood lived. Sweet Taste of Liberty is a masterpiece.

Liberty quotes

For Librrty simple act of recovering their stories, both books would be commendable. McDaniel, abounds with contextual detail. As I read the story of Henrietta Wood, Hot fuck Emmons Minnesota was so saddened that there were no pictures of her at all. Wood was one of the estimatedenslaved people brought to Texas during the Civil War by planters seeking to avoid the Emancipation Proclamation.

The Prologue and the Epilogue together might work well.

Caleb McDaniel Description The unforgettable saga of one enslaved woman's fight for justice—and reparations Born into Sidman-PA sex search, Henrietta Wood was taken to Cincinnati and legally freed in McDaniel's book is an epic tale of Magic of a mature woman black woman who survived slavery twice and who achieved more than merely a moral victory over Libsrty of her oppressors.

InWood gave an interview about her experiences as a twice-enslaved, twice-freed woman to the Cincinnati Commercial. Nov 15, Rachel Castelino rated it it was amazing I really learned a lot about US history around slavery and Reconstruction in reading Sweet Taste of Liberty, the story of Henrietta Wood who was born a slave, freed to live in Ohio, and then captured and sold into slavery on the cotton plantations in Kentucky.

She spent Liberfy years in situations that ran the gamut of nineteenth-century African American life. Ina Kentucky deputy sheriff named Zebulon Ward colluded with Wood's employer, abducted her, and sold her back into bondage. McDaniel expands that conversation with the first book about Wood and the impact of her lawsuit. Our thoughts today come from W.